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The INFRMD way

Through straightforward, authentic communication, INFRMD helps benefits teams save money and build culture by infusing clarity, creativity and truth into their benefits programs.
You spend an incredible amount of time, money and energy on benefits – we believe that should be experienced in a remarkable way.

Welcome to the future of benefits

THE 'lrnd' platform

Introducing ‘LRND’ - our proprietary learning management system. Contains 100+ explainer videos and learning courses for every benefits topic you and your employees have.

Custom Open Enrollment

Your business is unique and so are your needs: that’s why we deliver tailor-made open enrollment packages to fit your specific team and culture. ‘Cause cookie-cutter simply doesn’t do.

ongoing engagement

Email and text campaigns? Check. Language translations? Yep. Engagement and delivery calendars? No sweat. Because education doesn’t happen once a year; it happens all year long.

Meet Luke

If you think Luke is some actor we hired to read scripts and make insurance “look cool”: think again. He’s a bona fide benefits expert with deep ties to the insurance and brokerage world. 

Years ago, a lightbulb flickered. As Luke was hosting open enrollment meetings, he noticed a glaring flaw: nobody understood anything about the benefits he was there to discuss. Networks? Nope. Deductibles? Yeah right. EOB’s? Not a chance.

So, using his unique skill set – including degrees in journalism & mass communication and fluency in multiple languages – he began developing scripts, content and deliverables to help his clients and their employees start actually understanding benefits. And it worked. As one client noted: “You’ve done more for my employees in the last 30 minutes than any previous broker has in the last 30 years.” (Yes, that’s a real quote).

It became crystal clear that education wasn’t a “nice to have”, but rather a crucial component in driving cost savings, engagement, retention and even culture, too. Today, INFRMD does what no other benefits service can: deploy world-class communication to create truly sustainable employee benefits programs.

the infrmd difference


Most benefits content is hokey, cartoonish and impersonal. Our videos are created by real people and focus on connecting at an organic, human level.


We feel your pain – we’ve lived the insurance nightmare too. That’s why we answer the questions we know you have about benefits: not the ones we think you should have.


We’re career benefits people – meaning we’ve been immersed in this problem for years. That’s why we’re qualified to solve it.

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